Kelseys Ultimate Dining is the gift to the Road Trippers in your life

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Give friends and family a classic night out with an eGift Card for Kelseys Original Roadhouse. Let them decide between delicious wings, burgers, ribs and more, as any of their dishers are sure to satisfy. Kelseys Original Roadhouse was founded by Niagara Region brothers Paul, Peter and Perry Jeffrey in 1978. Inspired by their favourite American-style eateries, they aimed to bring roadhouse staples like New York-style wings and potato skins to Canada. Kelseys continues to give their customers a warm, friendly experience, where they can enjoy 100% fresh ground chuck burgers, handmade chicken fingers and fresh-cut fries, with Kelseys remaining a Canadian roadhouse staple for the long haul.
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CA$5 a CA$500